Roundwood Veterinary Practice


Roundwood Veterinary Practice has a full range of grooming services on offer for your cat or dog. We consult with clients before each grooming session to understand the exact services they are looking for and will also perform an assessment of the animal to determine the best course of action. We always take our time with each pet to ensure they remain content throughout the whole process. During grooming sessions, our veterinary practitioner is always present offering complete peace of mind should any issues arise. We have many years of experience in dealing with pets of all temperaments and are fully equipped to ensure your pet’s welfare is protected throughout the entire process.

If you are interested in a grooming service for your cat or dog call Roundwood Veterinary Practice now

Grooming Tips

Once your pet has been groomed, we recommend some regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure they remain happy and healthy. Here are a few tips you can follow:
πŸ—Ή Regular fur brushing – this helps to get rid of dandruff, dirt and dead hairs and is especially important for long-haired breeds. It also prevents matting and tangles.
πŸ—Ή Regular nail clipping – this will help ensure your pet doesn’t harm itself or others. It is also important to prevent ingrown nails.
πŸ—Ή Regular teeth brushing – teeth brushing and oral care is extremely important in protecting your pet's health. There are animal specific toothbrushes and toothpastes available.
πŸ—Ή Ear & eye inspections – you should regularly check your pet’s ears and eyes in case of abnormalities. If you notice anything unusual get in contact with us.