Farm Animals

In terms of farm animals, we treat small ruminants, pigs and deer. We also provide advice on medication for cattle. We have a large animal surgery room where we perform C-sections and lambings in sheep. Routine castrations and dehorning on all other small ruminants.

We can perform faecal egg counts for farm animals and horses in house. We have the facility to hospitalise sick patients including calves. Hospitalised animals are under close observation and medications are be administered as required. We have a new state of the art large animal surgery room with ample parking.

We still provide call-out services for sheep where farmers are unable to travel or do not have the facility to transport their animals. Other services offered include herd health plans and parasite advice based on faecal egg counts.

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Our Farm animal services

Consultation (on farm or at the practice), obstetric assistance, flock health plans, vaccination advice, abortion investigations, faecal egg counts, worm and fluke treatment, medicine advice, pharmacy.