Roundwood Veterinary Practice

Farm Animals

At Roundwood Veterinary Practice we also provide a complete range of veterinary services for larger farm animals including cattle, sheep and horses. We have many years of experience in managing herd health and treating and preventing the spread of diseases. We provide a call-out service where we will visit your farm and complete an inspection of your animals in order to flag any potential issues. Following this, we will provide a detailed care plan including any treatments we deem necessary.

We are experts in disease prevention and control. If you are worried about diseases breaking out within your herd contact us immediately, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your animals remain safe.
In order to schedule an appointment with our veterinary specialist call our main phone number. In emergency cases, we also have an emergency line available: 087 138 0739

We are also participating in the knowledge transfer scheme for beef,dairy and sheep farmers and can call out and conduct a farm visit and write up a detailed, individual programme at an arranged time.

To schedule a call-out service with our veterinary specialist call now.

Our Services

🗹 Call-Out & Examination
🗹 Diagnose & Treatment
🗹 Obstetric Assistance
🗹 Tuberculosis Testing

🗹 Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) Treatment
🗹 PI Blood Test
🗹 Herd Plans & Management
🗹 Vaccination Advice

🗹 Abortion Investigations
🗹 Worm & Fluke Treatment
🗹 Medicine Advice & Supply