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New Dog

Getting a new dog is always an exciting time in your life! Here are a few tips: The right dog In order to give both your family and your new dog the best chance of settling in together, it is important to make sure that you choose the right companion. When it comes to the […]

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Why Does My Pet Need Parasite Prevention?

When you take your dog to the vets, we will always check to see when their last parasite prevention medicine was given. The ingredients in the preventative you use determine how often your pet needs to receive their medication – it is usually either every month or every three months. It is really important that […]

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Obesity In Pets – Why Is It Such A Big Deal?

Obesity is becoming an increasing problem in veterinary medicine. A pet is considered obese once it weighs 15-20% more than it’s optimal body weight. To put this into perspective, if a dog or cat’s optimum weight is 4kg and they reach 5kg, they are considered clinically obese. This can have serious implications on your pet’s […]

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